Hi there! My name is Sophia. I'm a recent New Yorker and lifelong NYC enthusiast. When I'm not running around an airport somewhere, you can probably find me drinking coffee on my stoop or exploring the outer boroughs.

New York fascinates me for many reasons, but largely because it is all at once so many things to so many people. The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Manhattan are each home to an infinite number of unique worlds of peoples, cultures, and treasures that not only coexist, but thrive because of each other. 

Hello New York is a little project to celebrate some of this diversity of people and place that is so core to what New York is today. I hope to bring to life some of the wonderful places that are less talked about, make a 4-6 hour visit there more accessible, and maybe even encourage a bit of out-of-the-comfort-zone exploring.

In short, you can think of Hello New York as an explorer's guide to a New York less traveled.

Thanks for stopping by!